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Portraits without faces

You may know the person but you can’t be sure. Without seeing their face there is a scepticism, without that visual we are uncertain. Portraits without faces sounds to be an oxymoron but in this series, I explore how a portrait is so much more than just the human face. The surroundings provide context; the body language provides emotion and the vista provides the possibility to imagine the thoughts taking place. Using my own window on the world, my camera, I explore this narrative through scenes taken from around the world: Isle of Wight, Chicago, San Francisco, The Cotswold, Tokyo, Venice.

Photographs are available as Memory Box and as large format professional prints.

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Venice 001
SanFransisco 002
Morning Routine (Tokyo, Japan)
Showtime, Chicago
All Ears, Ventnor, Isle of Wight
CowleyManor 001
Up and Over (Venice Italy)
Venice 010